INstagram growth for badasses

5k new human followers in a month


propel your brand

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, a performer, a food blogger, or a multinational corporation, you need a relevant and engaged audience of followers.

We deliver thousands of new followers each month. But a huge social following means nothing to your business if they’re not the actual people you want to reachβ€”this is where we set ourselves apart from every other solution on the market.

We are a combination of Instagram ads, market insights, and human moderated targeting to build you a following of real human beings. Human beings who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Some real-life work

"Quarter Muffin has been working on my Instagram account for a couple of months now. We started with no followers at all, and within 60 days reached 10K. QM's awesome at social growth, super easy to work with, and really open to suggestions. I'm delighted to keep working with them, improving my personal brand while having fun!"

Fanny M.

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Find your people, by the thousands

True success on social media is a combination of two things, the number of people you can reach and how engaged they are with your brand. Engagement comes when you are creating a regular cadence of authentic, kickass content.

That’s where we set you up for success; we get you in front of the people you want to share your message with, then you just go be your awesome self and watch as your social growth propels your business towards success.

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Social growth doesn't need to be a bitter pill

Let us take Instagram growth off your plate so you can get back to what you're awesome at. Every minute you spend trying to get more followers is a minute you're not spending on your business. We've got you covered. Our proprietary tools, targeting, and account management will bring in thousands of new followers a month. You create killer content, we get you heard.