No sugar coating.
Just who we are and what we’re about.

Here’s what Quarter Muffin has baking up.

In baking, in life, and yes, in running optimized Facebook and Instagram ads, the most important ingredient for success is love. At Quarter Muffin, our love for building successful sales funnels, growing ROI with every ad dollar spent, and satisfying the needs of clients is impossible to hide. The care and attention we put into each detail to meet and exceed true KPIs, ensuring performance marketing and programmatics are working hard for your social ad campaigns, is ultimately what sets us apart in this industry. You’ll see it in the way we work 7 days a week, tracking organic and paid results, adjusting for return ad spend and lifetime value projections, and keeping our clients aware of every step through a transparent communication model.

We love the work we do and the results we achieve. We can’t wait to help you whip up a social advertising plan that your customers will love as well.

Do you have the ingredients to be a Muffin?