We get asked a lot of questions. Thankfully we have a lot of answers.

Do you offer Facebook Business Manager support?
Facebook Ad Account flagged? Issues contacting Facebook Support? Need help consolidating multiple Facebook Business Managers? Broken pixels or catalogs? We offer consulting to help troubleshoot and untangle Business Managers. Shoot a note over to hello@quartermuffin.com to learn more.
What does a typical campaign timeline look like?

This largely varies by brand and budget. Brands with larger, more developed audiences often see quicker results than brands with smaller budgets who are new to Facebook.

What types of brands does QM work with?
Our bread and butter is primarily in working with eCommerce brands. Some of our biggest successes have been in apparel, beauty, fitness, jewelry, gift cards, music, entertainment, food and beverage, healthcare, and real estate.
Can I leverage Facebook or Instagram ads to grow real followers?
You bet! Our strategies are designed to help you optimize organic growth of real followers. We never purchase fake followers and are 100% genuine. Our team is equipped to put together a growth funnel designed specifically for Facebook page likes or Instagram follower growth, and in some cases, a byproduct of our sales funnels is more visibility, which will naturally yield additional followers.
Do you work with startups or brands with smaller budgets?

Yes, we’re flexible over here. Please feel free to schedule time to meet with the team, and we can walk you through our recommendations.

Are you open to white labeling for agencies?

Of course! A large percent of our clients are agencies. Please reference our agency page for more details.

Do you require a contract?
We require all of our clients to sign a service agreement, but unlike typical agencies, what we offer is month-to-month commitments; we do not require a three-, six-, or 12-month contract.
Are there any onboarding or cancellation fees?
No way.
There are millions of agencies that “specialize” in what you offer. What makes your team so unique?
A lot of brands can walk the walk, but when it comes to delivering quick results, they fall short. In addition to our month-to-month flexibility and our wicked good customer service, our team has an impeccable track record of delivering results. We’re also super transparent and are quick to get started. How many agencies do you know of that offer same-day kickoffs?
Do you only offer assistance with eCommerce brands?
We’re also super talented when it comes to growing audiences and generating leads.
What other services do you offer?
Our most popular offering is Facebook and Instagram ads, but we’re also happy to support brands with content creation, community management, landing pages, influencer marketing, as well as email marketing.
I have additional questions. What’s the best way to get in contact?

Feel free to schedule time to chat with the team or drop us a note at hello@quartermuffin.com.