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Quarter Muffin is a team of Facebook & Instagram advertising experts specializing in eCommerce.

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Anyone can run a Facebook ad, but will yours be profitable? Within the eCommerce landscape, there are massive obstacles that prevent you – and your clients – from optimizing your ad campaigns.

Here are 4 top problems we help solve for you.

Facebook’s Ever-Changing Algorithm & Terms of Service

Increased scrutiny around Facebook’s algorithm can lead to major hurdles for marketers. Regular tweaks to the News Feed mean less ad visibility and boosting ads with success is usually just dumb luck. Add in confusing Terms of Service and it’s easy to get lost in the fine print.

We have the expertise to help you build out an ad set that will reach the right audience and convert them to customers regardless of changes to the platform.

The Impact of iOS14 on the Digital Landscape

Recently, Apple reworked the way iOS users consent to third-party app terms of service. Historically, users had to “opt out” of privacy restraints on platforms like Facebook. With iOS14, Apple users are now by default “opt in,” and aren’t likely to choose to allow their data to be used for ad tracking. This makes the large pool of data once available to advertisers a thing of the past.

We combine paid results with backend data to create a successful Facebook marketing campaign that incorporates the new data restrictions.

Facebook Support Chat is Useless

Facebook’s support chat is made up largely of contractors with very limited authority. This is by design. Who you really need to talk with is Facebook’s Privacy team – the group with direct jurisdiction on items such as ad appeals, recovering deleted assets, hacked accounts, account provisions, and more. But this team isn’t client facing.

Leave it to us. We have extreme patience for dealing with Facebook Support chat on your behalf. Plus, we pride ourselves on rapid response times once we’ve rectified the issue.

Facebook Reporting & Analytics are Difficult to Decipher

Facebook’s ad reporting has substantially reduced the bulk of its reporting interface, and with less visibility comes more frustration. Split tests between ad units are no longer available and key metrics won’t populate. Plus the interface itself can be tricky to navigate, and sales attribution between Facebook and Shopify never lines up.

We agree. That’s why we take a more strategic and holistic approach that helps us monitor both your overall business performance health and how Facebook ads contribute to your sales.

Here’s What We Do

Facebook Business Manager & Ad Account Support

We’re pros at Business Manager troubleshooting. This is good news, because there’s no guide to merge two Business Managers, and we understand the real pain of a frozen ad account. We help you avoid rejected ads and frozen assets to prevent delays. This is particularly important during seasonal events like Black Friday promotion and Christmas campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram Media Buying

Media Buying for eCommerce brands is our core competence. Our team consists exclusively of senior- level media buyers. This means we get the whole picture. We won’t just connect the right audience to your product – we’ll ensure your brand is fully optimized for success. Our extensive experience and deep expertise can help boost sales and your brand’s campaigns.

White Label Facebook & Instagram Advertising for Agencies

We’re here to help run your client’s Facebook & Instagram ads so you don’t have to. We’ll manage sales funnels, traffic campaigns, and optimize ads to build a campaign that results in lasting profits. Our paid specialists are fully trained on both platforms as well as Shopify, WooCommerce, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zoho, and Zapier, to name a few.

Our clients love working with us.
Here’s why.

We’re a team of Facebook Ad experts who pride ourselves on optimizing brand campaigns that convert into sales. That means higher revenue for your clients – and your agency. As performance marketers, we place a heavy emphasis on client relationships. What does this mean for you? Support seven days a week, wicked fast response times, flexible communication styles, a funnel/reporting style that’s unique to each brand, and tasty results.

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Facebook Advertising seems increasingly cost prohibitive and appears less effective with the new iOS14 updates. How is Quarter Muffin handling the changing landscape?

After iOS14 debuted, advertisers lost some of the critical Facebook data they relied on to generate purchases. This means what was visible in the dashboards is now underreported. In response, we connect paid results with a brand’s backend data (what’s visible in Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, etc) to build a successful Facebook ad campaign and monitor its success.

How do you approach analytics and reporting?

Once upon a time, it was easy to focus primarily on analytics such as the volume of purchases, adds to cart, ROAS (return on ad spend), CPC (cost per click), CPLV (cost per landing page view), and CAC (customer acquisition costs).

Given the shift in the privacy landscape, Quarter Muffin now takes a more comprehensive approach, with primary success metrics such as: LTV (lifetime value), AOV (average order value), Blended ROAS, and MER (marketing efficiency ratio).

 MER (and MER/blended) is a much easier way to assess the overall impact of paid ads. Simply put, MER is total revenue / total paid ad spend from all channels. Rather than channel-by-channel profitability, MER is a more holistic way of viewing paid advertising’s impact on revenue.  

 As seasoned media buyers, we deliver strong returns and advanced reporting processes that allow us to keep a close eye on your account’s performance. Quarter Muffin offers weekly or monthly reports. We’re committed to both transparency and keeping you in the loop as we optimize your ad account.

Overall, taking a more strategic approach helps us monitor both your business health and how Facebook ads contribute to your overall sales.

Our Instagram handle is struggling to gain followers. Can Quarter Muffin help grow our audience?

Yes. A boost in followers on Instagram is typically a bi-product of a paid advertising campaign. Assuming your brand has content worth consuming, the result of successful Instagram advertising is an influx of followers and engagement. In other instances, our media buyers can stand up a separate traffic funnel to boost your social media channel’s visibility.

What other tools does your group have expertise in?

Since the bulk of our clients are Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) eCommerce businesses, we know which templates, landing pages, plugins, and funnels will convert traffic into sales. Some of the verticals we specialize in include apparel, beauty, fashion, home goods, gift cards, and subscriptions. And we’re extremely well-versed in Shopify (yes, we can help fix your Facebook pixel and catalog!), WooCommerce, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zoho, and Zapier, and more.

I tried advertising to my target demographic on Facebook & Instagram but didn’t see much traction. What am I doing wrong? What will your team do differently?
Here’s a secret: social media marketing is the polar opposite of traditional marketing. Basic demographics are classified as cold audiences, and in the marketing world, cold audiences don’t convert into sales. When we structure a proper sales funnel, we outline a hierarchy of warm to cold audiences. Some of the warm audiences include: previous customers, email list subscribers, post engagers, website visitors, and lookalike audiences. Once we align these segments, our team tests out the top performing creative with each audience – think matrix style. This approach, paired with retargeting and daily optimizations, yields a lower CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), decreased acquisition costs, larger AOVs (average order value), and most importantly, an increased number of customers.
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