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Facebook & Instagram Ads, Shopify Sites, Business Manager Troubleshooting & Support – these are our sweet spots.

Preparing the perfect mix of services and strategies to help your clients optimize their Facebook and Instagram ad spending shouldn’t be left to a kitchen apprentice. Quarter Muffin has the head chefs who can get your social campaigns rolling, sometimes kicking off as early as the next day. Humble in approach and yet not afraid to take bold, less expected steps, we simplify the process and maximize the results for agencies of all sizes and their clients.

Here’s what we offer.

Conversion Campaigns

At the end of the day, your clients’ ad dollars need to translate into revenue. Through performance marketing and optimization, we ensure your Facebook and Instagram conversion campaigns are geared for converting traffic into sales.


Leading brands are brands with followers. We deliver agencies traffic campaigns that rise, with more Instagram followers, Facebook fans, page likes and page visitors. 


Driving traffic to your clients’ site is one thing. Making sure their content is ready to consume is quite another. Quarter Muffin can make the whole experience tastier, with content creation, product photography and website design and development for agencies.

White Label Services

Looking to expand your media buying offerings to cater even more to your clients? When you team with Quarter Muffin, the expertise and experience we provide become yours to deliver. Our social media marketers are well versed in helping you get the most out of white label services.

Advertising for Shopify

This is our secret recipe. Shopify paired with apparel, beauty, fashion, gift cards, home goods, skincare, and subscriptions. As a Shopify Partner, our team obsesses over the customer journey to ensure an optimal shopping experience.

Here’s how quickly you can get results.

Maximum results at microwave speeds. Take a look at how quickly we can go from initial phone call to lasting profits.



We start with the prep work.

Any real baker will tell you, it all starts with preparation. Quarter Muffin will ensure the connectivities between the backend of your store and your Facebook Business Manager are seamless and lump free.


This includes:
Aggregating data sources like Google Analytics, CRM data, email and customer lists, etc.
Connecting the pipes behind the scenes with applications like Conversions API and Shopify plugins.
Configuring event tracking pixels, catalogs, sdk, and more.
Integrating third-party tools such as Zapier, Unbounce, and Hubspot.
And finally, double checking that your Business Manager has all of the necessary verifications and is set up according to best practices.



Then we build the funnel.

Whether you were working with another Facebook advertiser or are starting from scratch, no two Ad Accounts follow the same course. Complex workflows require complex solutions which is why we tailor a unique strategy for each client. We walk clients through our proposed campaigns, and once approved (all ads are sent to the client for approval before we publish), the ads will go live in a matter of hours.


This includes:
Business Manager audit of previous campaigns to understand what’s worked well and what can be improved.
Outline matrix of proposed audience/ad units to ensure that we thoroughly test out each possible combination of creative and audience.
We create reports to make data-driven decisions on how to hammer out retargeting and reengagement campaigns to increase the customer lifetime value and maximize sales.



We launch. And we optimize. And we optimize again.

Our media buyers audit your Ad Account to identify what is working next to what can be improved and make changes where necessary to maximize the potential for your budget, with the first changes taking place in the first 24 hours. As we scale, we refine by identifying your brand’s winning creatives and pair them with audiences that our data has proven to convert successfully.


Our winning formula focuses on:
Creative & Audience Optimization
Split Testing

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